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                          一、 崗位名稱與類別

                          二、 崗位職責以及要求
                          1. 年齡30歲以下,有歐美或香港地區留學經歷者優先。
                          2. 擁有博士學位 ,具有獨立從事科學研究的能力 ,擁有將自己培養成爲某個研究方向學術帶頭人的意願。
                          3. 具有較高水平科研成果 ,在CCF A類會議或期刊上發表過一作文章 ,在國內外同行中有一定影響力  。
                          4. 曾獲得國家自然科學基金資助者優先。
                          5. 熱愛科研工作 ,具有較強的團隊合作精神 ,創新意識,學風端正,責任心強 ,且有從事實際大規模可信網絡與系統研發經驗。
                          6. 研究方向隸屬於可信網絡與系統領域。

                          三、 相關待遇

                          四、 聯繫人與聯繫方式

                          Openings of Assistant Researcher Positions at School of Software, Tsinghua University (Trustworthy Network and System)

                          School of Software at Tsinghua University was founded in 2001. We invite researchers to apply for the Assistant Researcher positions with the research area of Trustworthy Network and System. The details are listed as follow:

                          1. Category and Name of the Positions
                          The Assistant Researcher Positions of Trustworthy Network and System at School of Software, Tsinghua University.

                          2. Requirements and Duties
                          (1) The age should be no more than 30. The candidate who has the study experience in Europe, USA or Hong Kong regions is preferred.
                          (2) The candidate should have a doctor degree on the required research area, is able to carry out the academic research independently, and has the willing to become a leading researcher on some research directions.
                          (3) The candidate should have the proven sound record of academic achievements, and a good international effect in the required research area. The candidate should have publication on the conferences or journals of CCF category A as first author.
                          (4) The candidate who has ever got support from a NSF funding is preferred.
                          (5) The candidate should have the enthusiasm on research, strong team work ability, innovation willing, a good record on the academic ethics, and strong responsibility, the developing experience of real large scale trustworthy network and system.
                          (6) The research direction should belong the area of Trustworthy Network and System.

                          3. Remuneration
                          The remuneration will follow the rules of Tsinghua University and School of Software.

                          4. Contact
                          Contact Person: Limei Liu
                          Email: liulm@tsinghua.edu.cn
                          Jan 7, 2016